A Month in Taiwan: Packing List

Hey everyone,
I am about to leave for Taiwan in a few days.
Before traveling anywhere, I always google other’s travel list for the country, and after reading numerous of them, I have decided to make one for Taiwan.
I do travel to Taiwan every year to visit my relatives and grandparents. Some of them are in the city, some of them are in the rural areas. I have to say, both urban and rural has it’s charm!
Moving on to the packing list, here is what you should pack for a short term trip.

  1. Suit Case:
    • Health/Beauty:
      • Waterproof/long lasting makeup (weather is more humid—think Bahamas)
      • Tampons (more expensive in Taiwan, since Taiwanese ladies usually use pads)
      • Contacts* (solution/cleanser may be easily purchased locally)
      • Razors
      • 2 hair towels, big towels takes up too much space, bring multiple because Taiwan is humid and it takes longer to dry
      • Everything else can be purchased locally in 7-11 or Family Mart that’s around every corner (no exaggeration)
        • I highly recommend buying soap, shampoo and conditioner in Taiwan, they are heavy, and may spill in you suitcase. Plus you can easily find your favorite American brands in any stores.
        • Deodorant/sunscreen of your favorite American or Asian brands and other heavy beauty product can be purchased at Watson and other beauty stores that is around almost EVERY corner
    • Electronics
      • Cell phone**/***Computer with chargers
      • Camera and maybe an extra memory card
      • You don’t need a converter, the outlet is same as the ones here
    • American gifts for others
      • Comment about this if you need help
  2. Carry-on: I personally like to have a small purse and a duffle bag****
    • Purse/manpurse: all important items, easy to reach
      • Passport
      • Dollar bills for tips
      • Pens
      • Flight itinerary
      • credit card and Taiwanese money ( I like to have about $30 worth usd changed to Taiwanese money with me)
      • Student ID
        • I never had anything stolen even though I leave my things everywhere, but in case you lose your purse, minimize the damage by leaving everything else home.
    • Duffle Bag: for all the other things, make sure this bag has a zipper so when you put it on the overhead bin, things won’t fall out.
      • Earphone/Ear plugs
      • Travel Pillow
      • Wipes
      • Sleeping pills if you really need them
      • Beauty Bag:
        • Deodorant: do NOT bring the spray one, you will be stopped and have to toss it. Bring a small one and purchase another in Taiwan.
        • Chapstick
        • Small samples/containers of moisturizer or makeup
          • Do not wear makeup for the whole flight
        • hair brush
      • toothbrush/toothpaste (one time use toothpaste)
      • sunglasses to cover up your exhausted face (at least I need it, you might still look beautiful)
      • Moisturizer and under eye concealer is also a must!!!
*It is very easy and cheap to purchase contacts in Taiwan, prescription is not needed (although it is helpful if you know which one you need), if not, they can always check your eyes for free in the contacts stores.
**In Taipei, there is free public wifi anywhere in the city. In other areas, it is not hard to find free wifi to use or you can buy a WIFI Pass
***If your phone is unlocked, you can just purchase a local phone SIM card (I think that’s what they’re called) and call cheaply
****Small suitcases and backpacks usually are the ones that get weighted, but not duffle bags.
Check out http://www.travelschecklist.com/ for an extremely comprehensive list for those who would like to bring everything 🙂
I hope I’m not missing anything major, feel free to comments.
Also let me know about other posts you want to see!

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