A Week in New York: Packing List

Happy New Year!

Me and three other friends are going to New York to start off 2016 in two days! We are traveling domestically and are only bringing carryon bags, which are FREE. We will be there from Sunday morning to Friday afternoon, so 6 days total.

I will be taking a small suitcase and a big backpack. From my experiences, backpacks are never asked to be weighed but suitcase sometimes are weighed.

Pre-Packing Tips/ my OCD:

  1. I separate and bag everything so nothing is exposed when opening my suitcase. It looks neater + if something spills, things will not get ruined + if the suitcase is checked by the security, things won’t fall everywhere
  2. Bring extra plastic bags to put dirty clothes, other random things
  3. Transit: Buy a 7-day Unlimited metro card


  • Necessities:
    • Driver’s License
    • Student ID: discounts for many admission tickets
    • Wallet with ONLY: credit card, debit card (but do not put too much money in debit)! and some cash (again, not too much); insurance card
      • LEAVE everything else at home incase of losing your wallet
    • Phone+Charger
    • Earphones: I bring 2, 1 for backup or friends
    • Camera + back up batteries + memory card or a laptop: I am not bringing this because my other friends are bringing theirs
    • Laptop? This depends, I am too afraid to bring my laptop and instead will use my phone, but if you have a camera, it is a good idea to bring laptop OR if you have work you have to complete.


  • Cross-body Purse:
    • Candy/snacks
    • Pen: bring 2, the cheap ones you get for free because people borrow and rarely return
    • Perfume roll (mini)
    • Tissues
    • Pad (2) or tampons *When you are traveling your period time will often time change
  • Toiletries: **Bring in SMALL zip-lock bags => KEEP IN MIND LIQUID LIMIT FOR FLIGHT
    • Facewash
    • Moisturizer and Serum:
    • Lotion
    • Deodorant
    • Contacts + Contact solution ***I do not recommend wearing contacts on flights, because it is very dry up there.
    • Floss
    • Toothbrush + Toothpaste
    • Hair-ties + bobby-pins: bring a lot, you’ll lose them
    • DO NOT bring razor: they will make you throw it away if it is in carryon
  • Clothing:  *Items in this color is worn on the day of the flight
    • Underwear: 8, always bring 2 more days worth
    • Outfits:
      • 5 different tops
        • I wear the same thing on days I’m flying: Sweater + leggings + different necklace
        • 2 basic tops that can be paired with different necklaces
      • 2 + 1/2bottoms:
        • Legging that is worn on flight
        • Tights for a dress
        • 1 Pair of Jegging (comfort first)
      • 1 set of pajama
      • 1 Peacoat: wear this onto the flight to save space
      • Blanket Scarf: 1 for the whole trip, the cold days, the cold plane flights, the cold terminal waits…
      • Accessories: Necklaces/Earrings
      • Thick Socks: 3 pairs
      • Gloves: 1 pair
    • Shoes
      • Tall riding boots: warm and comfy, and less casual
      • Warm angle boot

Airbnb Stayers:

  • Shower shoes
  • Check that they have basic toiletries
  • Contact them about check-in time
  • Get their phone number
  • Figure out how to get there

That’s it for now, if I missed anything, PLEASE comment and let me know to help me make sure I have everything.

Comment if you have tips about traveling in New York, too!

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