3-Days in Boston: Packing List

It is Spring Break for UNC!
Instead of heading South for the sun, I will be traveling to Boston by myself for 3 days. I have only been to Boston for a conference, so am excited to explore around this time.
It will be my first time traveling by myself*, I am a little scared but have always heard great stories from friends who have travelled alone, how it is great for relaxing.

Although I am traveling alone, I am staying at a friend’s house a little outside Boston and meeting up for dinner with a friend there.

Since this is a new place, here are the things I think will be needed, but I may come back to edit after, or please comment for suggestions!



  • Pajamas (1 set)
    • 1 shirt + 1 legging (in case I decide to wear legging out one day)
  • Fuzzy indoor sock (1 pair)
  • Socks (3 pair), I’ll be wearing boots
  • Underwear (3)
  • Bra (2)
    • I don’t sweat that much, but make sure at least one is extremely comfortable for the flight
  • Mask that covers only your mouth and nose
    • It SAVES you in the cold
  • Hat (1)
    • or anything that covers your ears
  • Umbrella
  • Makeup bag: IN ZIP LOCK BAG
    • face moisturizer, travel size
      • Makeup:
        • cushion foundation with SPF or SPF if you don’t wear makeup
        • mascara (I gave up on curler since my lashes refuse to collaborate)
        • liquid liner
        • contour pallet (the brown contour also work great as an eyeshadow!)
        • light shimmer eyeshadow stick
        • concealer
        • lip stain (more long lasting and not drying)
        • face wash, travel size
    • hair ties + bobby pins
    • lotion, travel size
    • toothbrush + toothpaste
    • floss
    • deodorant
  • Glasses box
  • Contacts + Solution, travel size
  • Feminine products just in case
  • Earphone
  • Gift for host!
  • Charger for every electronic you have
  • Laptop, because I have a lot of work to be done
  • Extra pair of shoes, since it’ll be raining when I go
  • Retainer


Purse (medium size): it can fit my laptop or shopping items

  • Driver’s License
    • don’t need passport for domestic travel
  • Cash + Credit Cards
    • Call your credit card company beforehand to prevent freezing of your card
  • Student ID
    • can get discount for some museums or sights
  • Wallet: mine is a wristlet in case I want to go out at night
  • House key (but leave this in your stay in case of robbery)
  • one of those light/whistle keychain for safety
  • some small candies! sometimes you’re extremely hungry and cannot find food
  • mints
  • mini-makeup bag
    • feminine product
    • chapstick
    • roller fragrance
  • Charger for phone
  • Pens (2)
  • Some tissues



  • Coat (1)
  • Outfit for Day 1 + Flight back
  • glasses



  • Money:
    • set a budget
    • keep track with apps!!! and do this every night
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get coffee if it means that you’ll be more alert of your environment, not only enjoy the trip more, but also be more safe!
  • I’ll probably have better tips after the trip, or if you have any, let me know!


Wow, that was a lot.
I am SO excited for the trip, and I hope you can find this useful!

4 thoughts on “3-Days in Boston: Packing List

  1. Have a great time in Boston! I spent my college years there and absolutely loved it. If you’re a book nerd/cute cafe person like myself, definitely check out Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury Street – preferably during a weekday bc weekends are super busy there! Definitely wander around Boston Commons and hit up Harvard Square too!

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