3 Day Itinerary for Boston: Day 1

So I have returned from my Boston trip, which was phenomenal – the atmosphere and the opportunities available. Since I was here for only 3 days and it was spring break, my trip was relatively relaxing, I did not visit all the tourist sites. Perhaps you can use this to see what you’d like to do in Boston if you happen to stop by!


Day 1 

9:00 am: Arrival at BOS airport

On the Silver Line

Headed outside to the free Silver Line Bus that goes all the way to South Station. South Station is one of the largest station where you can transfer to pretty much anywhere in Boston. I purchased the 7 Day MBTA bus/metro pass at the kiosk there.






10:00 am: Castle Island Beach

Castle Island

This place is on the outskirt of Boston that not many tourists visit. The weather in the morning was breezy and I was accompanied by morning runners and seagulls (lots of!).

This was a great place to take in the big city as across the water, you can see the city scape, Fort Independence and the classic neighborhood scenic.






On the path of Castle Island, I stopped by to have a lobster roll and clam chowder at Sullivan’s. Not only was the food fresh and you can eat in the park, the price is way better than the tourist spots in downtown Boston.


Bus Stop to Castle Island





The neighborhood around Castle Island has the best architecture.









1:00 pm: Financial District and nearby

Caffe Nero


Before meeting up with my friend from high school at MIT, I stopped by Caffè Nero to finish some last minute work. My friend who studied in England told me this is a popular chain there.

The atmosphere here was great for chatting and working.

There are also stores nearby to shop. Primark was my favorite, it has a cheaper price than Forever21, but certainly doesn’t look it with the style of ZARA.



Sandwich shop near MIT

There are many many sandwiches shops around MIT, and they have good options.

The MIT campus does not have the most friendly atmosphere compared to nearby Harvard University and Northeastern University, but friends make everything better I suppose. For this reason, I would recommend visiting other campuses.





9:00 pm: Back to friend’s apartment

That concluded my first day, Boston is very walkable and all the tourist areas are mostly near the financial district (back bay, chinatown, freedom walk, botanical garden…). I did not drop off my bags since my stay was outside the city, but I only had a backpack for this short trip and Boston is relatively safe and easy to blend in if you look like a student!


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