3 Day Itinerary for Boston: Day 2

Hi Again!

It was going to rain the whole day, so I decided to make this day my “working” day. I needed to apply to more internships, reply to emails, catch up on studying before final exam comes.

Morning (7:30 am): Somerville, MA

I woke up for breakfast in this adorable trailer near my stay before my friend headed to work. I wish I had taken a picture of the interior, they wrote the entire menu on paper plates and the atmosphere so very hippy.

I meant to go straight to Newbury Street and study in a nice coffee shop with a nice scenic, but I accidentally fell asleep on the bus and went all the way to Northeastern University. It was right beside the bus stop, and I went into their modern styled student union for some Starbucks and studying (also recharge my electronics, because you know, colleges is where you find unlimited free outlets!)

Lunch (11:30 am):

I headed to financial district but it was very crowded so I went to the China town right beside it.

I absolutely love the Taiwanese flag and the traditional Chinese they have. This China Taiwan town is a lot cleaner than the one in New York and it was clean and had many unique shops.





I headed over to Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe right beside the financial district. It was very crowded by not only Asians. I ordered their famous Hand pulled noodles. It was interesting, the noodle was very starchy and thick and the sauce was good – perhaps if you like cilantro, you’ll like it more. (also, tmi warning: if you are not use to eating a lot of carbs, it might give you a stomach ache, which I got. Fortunately there are drugs stores near by for me to get Tums and Gatorades)


Afternoon (2:00 pm):

I headed to Jaho Coffee to study. The interior was very modern and had floor-to-ceiling windows and sofas and was relatively touristless and quiet.

I am obsessed with latte art, so the barista decided to make me a swan, which she claimed to have messed up even though it looks PERFECT. (also, they do various latte art so it was fun to look around at others’ cups)


Night (7:00 pm): Cambridge

My friend and I went to have soupy dumplings then headed to a lounge. We went solely because people had posted gorgeous pictures online. While ordering, I saw that they have fresh oysters, and of course, when in Boston, I will eat as much seafood as I can.
The oysters were SO FRESH!!! I wish I had ten plates of them.

The second day is a nice relaxing day to me after going to so many places right after landing yesterday. It allowed me to soaked the entire city in.

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