Spontaneous Summer Travel + MCAT Study Plan

I Booked a Flight to Taiwan 48 Hours Before Boarding

Setting: I am currently on a 12 hours plane ride to Japan.

So last Friday was the official start of my last college summer vacation. However, it didn’t feel like summer since I had to go back to be a marshal for graduation (Congratulations Class of 2016!).

Since I became a premed very recently, I had planned to shadow doctors and study for MCAT this summer. However, as I was binge watching (catching up on ) Grey’s Anatomy, I realized how important family is to me, and thinking about how this might be the last time I can see my grandparents for a while, I brought a ticket to Taiwan. At first I was worried about not having enough time to study but my parents were more than encouraging —  “if you really want to study, you can study anywhere, no excuse,” was what they said.

Then I had 48 hours to pack and find a ride and the adrenaline from this spontaneous action made me even more excited. Honestly I am not sure if I packed everything — I packed clothes, passport, money, computer, phone, chargers and hair and face products. (do you notice anything important I’m missing? maybe I can buy it when I land).

So back to my premed plan until the end of May (tentative):

5:00am: exercise with my grandma

7:00am: eat delicious Taiwanese food

9:00am: study MCAT

12:00pm: eat delicious food

3:00pm: visit relatives/family friends

8:00pm: study MCAT

on other days

7:00am: breakfast

8:00am – 5:00pm: shadow doctors in rural Taiwan

6:00pm: dinner

8:00pm: study MCAT

10:00pm: “yoga” or just stretch and face mask to heal my skin from the heat

What do you premed experts think about this schedule?

I am still lost in the premed world.

Let me know what you think

and have a great summer!

7 thoughts on “Spontaneous Summer Travel + MCAT Study Plan

  1. All I recall of my brother taking the MCAT is he said when he came out of the testing room the ground outside was littered with students who simply fell on the ground in total, utter relief that it was over. Best of luck to you and thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Hey! You probably already took the exam by now lol. But, check the blog my friend and I run. Our latest posts were about the MCAT and our interview experiences. We’ll also be talking about how to improve your applications soon!

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