Japanese Don (Rice Bowl) Meal

Before going up the mountain to my grandparents, my parents and I went for some Japanese Don. 鮮魚道 is our favorite place in Taichung, Taiwan to grab Don – a Japanese word for rice bowl. It is always wonderful to be back with the parents who helps put my stress in perspective.

menu by the waiting area

My dad is a food critique so I went for his favorite, the Fresh SeafoodDon, while my mom had the KaisenchirashiDon.

Fresh SeafoodDon (with shrimp) and KaisenchirashiDon

The seafood in both Dons are fresh and the taste is rich and buttery. The flavor was clean but complex enough to not need the addition of soy sauce. The only difference between the Fresh SeafoodDon and KaisenchirashiDon is that the KaisenchirashiDon’s fish is chopped finely and has the addition of ikura (salmon roe).

My parents’ recommendations have never fail to exceed my expectation!


12 thoughts on “Japanese Don (Rice Bowl) Meal

  1. What a beautiful photo. The composition is stunning. The food is beautifully presented and looks so fresh, and the Japanese pottery is just so stunning.

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