Snorkeling | Trip to Green Island

(n) a person who loves sea, oceans.


I have always dreamed of snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, but ever since scientists declared it undergoing a “Complete Ecosystem Collapse,” it may be better to take that off my bucket list.

Instead I headed out to Green Island off the coast of mainland Taiwan. The island is mostly only known to East Asians with little pollution. The coral reefs are striking and a must be on everyone’s bucket list.


Green Island has a road that goes around the entire island that one can go through within two hours. The roads are small enough for scooters but not for cars, which limits the noise and water pollution keeping the island green and the water clear.

We headed out to shore early in the morning to avoid the summer heat and we also avoided the crowd. Although it was only the morning, the heat was already breaking us into sweat in our insulated wetsuit. As we were wetting our masks, the two Hong Kong special force men who was also staying in our hotel taught us to rub some grass on the inside to avoid fog underwater, and it worked!

Initially the ocean floor was shallow and rocky with not much organisms, but as we approach the deeper ocean, we begin to see coral reefs and colorful organisms of all type. A few has been captured (slideshow below). Many fishes swam near me close enough where I thought I could touch them, but I forgot that my glasses are magnifying so they are further than I thought. After seeing the underwater in person, I don’t know why mermaid would ever want to leave – there were so many unknown creatures, so many beautiful habitats made of rocks and plants. It was like a real life kaleidoscope.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Snorkeling Tips

  • Clothing:
    • Under the Suit: Monokini / One Piece. Bikini will slip under the suit.
    • Outside the Swimsuit:
      • Wetsuit is a must for thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy
      • Water shoes will also help with thermal insulation
      • Life vest for safety
      • Mask that provides prescription: do not wear contacts!


  • Camera (Optional):
    • Waterproof camera
    • Underwater bag for phone
  • Remember to not eat right before going under water

à plus tard!






16 thoughts on “Snorkeling | Trip to Green Island

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Great underwater pics! Curious as to which waterproof case you used.

    Mr. TxP and I almost made it to Taipei back in March but instead threw those dollars at seeing the Panama Canal. Hopefully, we’ll work it in for 2017.

    Best of luck with starting med school!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I can’t believe you used a smartphone camera to shoot that! I use a GoPro and it doesn’t turn out anywhere as nice (although it’s diving rather than snorkeling – maybe the depth makes a difference in how the colours turn out, I don’t know). Yeah things appear 30% larger and closer underwater – something to do with the way light travels through water. Great tip about rubbing grass! We divers generally just spit on our masks to avoid fogging.. it’s gross but it works too haha

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