Next Stop, Switzerland: Global Health

“when it comes to global health there is no ‘them’ only ‘us.'”
Global Health Council

The last week has been a whirlwind. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I have moved to Switzerland. To answer the questions – YES, I am studying in Geneva for the next semester. I will be studying global health, French and conducting an independent research here.


While the program orientation is in English and English is a common language in Geneva, I have moved into a homestay family leaving the comfort of English. My homestay family only speaks Spanish and French, so I had to rediscover my Spanish from high school to communicate.

Orientation with Swiss Chocolates


Switzerland is absolutely stunning, especially Lake Geneva. I am guilty of going to Lake Geneva everyday and will probably continue to do so until it is too cold. It is surprisingly hot here and there are no A/C (or very weak A/C on public transportation). I am still getting use to this, but I was told by locals that this summer was especially hot. Well, hotter weather makes going to lake so much more pleasant! I will talk more about the lovely Switzerland in another post, because it deserves a post by itself.

I have 3 hours of French 3 times a week, while I promised myself to become conversational in French by the end of the semester, French has been a struggle for me. I am very content with our global health classes, already we have professors and speakers who worked in WHO, UNICEF, University of Geneva, CDC, UN and more. I also love meeting all the other students who have the same passion as me. I was pleasantly surprised when everyone knew without explanation who Paul Farmer was and his work.

That will be all for now, I don’t know if I have time to blog too much during this time, but I will definitely update my Insta because everything is beautiful here.

À plus tard!


2 thoughts on “Next Stop, Switzerland: Global Health

  1. My wife is Swiss and was born in Geneva. I lived there for 35 years before coming back to the UK and taking early retirement. Have fun!

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